Shibashi Plus 2021.08.18

Shibashi Plus 2021.08.18


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  • Working with sinking the Qi. The far from basic basic.
  • The Shibashi: Commencement (Water). Shen raised, Qi sunk.
    Are your shoulders rising, or lowering?
  • The Shibashi: Broaden the Chest using Lung and Large Intestine.
  • The Shibashi: Painting Rainbows.
  • The Shibashi: Circle the Arms to Part the Clouds.
  • The Shibashi: Pushing to the Diagonals.
  • The Shibashi: Rowing a Boat in the Middle of a Lake.
  • The Shibashi: Holding a Ball in Front of the Shoulder.
  • The Ten Fundamental Treasures: Uphold the Heavens.


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