San Bao School of Qigong

Welcome to our online Qigong courses site. Here you can choose from a wide range of Qigong sets and levels. So, whether an absolute beginner, or an experienced practitioner, there is a huge amount here for you to explore.

Qigong has become quite fashionable and there are “qigong” teachers cropping up all over the internet, all over the world. Why the italics? They are there because the vast majority of them do not actually know what Qigong is never mind have the ability to teach it. Qigong is an Internal art that works with, moves and enhances Qi. The movements are just one of the tools of the art but for most of these teachers they are all there is. Moving your arms and legs is not Qigong. Moving your arms and legs while imagining Qi is not Qigong. Using those movements to assist you to have tangible awareness of Qi so that you have more control in moving it and enhancing it IS QIGONG. Yep, I was shouting but it is frustrating to see people wasting their time and giving up because the qigong they had been taught was not bearing fruit. If you learn true Qigong it does.

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These are all true Qigong courses. They all work with the Internal, the Qi, rather than merely working physically and hoping, imagining, that the Qi is being guided. Here you will be shown how to have tangible feedback from the flow of the Qi.

The Aims of the school

Overall: –

  • To promote spiritual growth from a firm foundation.
  • To build and grow on the experience of both teachers and students.
  • To promote true Qigong.
  • To produce teachers who can teach Qigong in its truest form.

Within Qigong: –

  • To experience the flow of Qi within our bodies and the Universe .
  • To maintain the Jing (Essence).
  • To strengthen the Jing (Willpower) so as to assist the Yi in moving and projecting the Qi.
  • To lift the Shen to new levels through Spiritual Qigong.

Our Accredited Instructors