San Bao

Welcome to San Bao School

Welcome to our website, and to our school. At San Bao we take our art very seriously so we always practice it with a sense of humour. So, if you decide to visit our classes and find people who are enjoying themselves and full of humour……………….remember that we really are taking it seriously.

At San Bao, we do not have 10-week blocks of classes for beginners. Instead, we have an open door policy where people can drop in and experience Taiji and Qigong. As each of us learns at a different rate, we have found, over the years, that it is a far more relaxed way of learning……………no need to try and keep up with the young buck with the photographic memory. Indeed, as we have all know, from the story of the race between the hare and the tortoise, the slow man always gets there first. If you rush your Taiji, or Qigong, you will miss all the gems that are hidden within.

Each of our students is also a teacher and you will receive assistance from each and every one of them. I may add that the teachers are also students! Taiji is not something that you can learn in one lifetime……………..each day is a new adventure with new experiences that add to your being Taiji rather than doing Taiji.

Our door is always open.

The Aims of the school

Overall: –

  • To promote spiritual growth from a firm foundation.
  • To build and grow on the experience of both teacher and pupil.
  • To produce teachers rather than pupils

Within Taiji: –

  • To explore the San Bao – experiencing the WHOLENESS of the Taiji, tasting each of its flavours and exploring all its facets.
  • To nurture the Qi and the Body through the Forms and Taoist Qigong exercises.
  • Strengthening the Jing (Willpower) through focus and concentration.
  • Using the harmony of the Form to free the Shen, allowing us to experience more of our own individual Tao.

Within Qigong: –

  • To experience the flow of Qi within our bodies and the Universe .
  • To maintain the Jing (Essence).
  • To strengthen the Jing (Willpower) so as to assist the Yi in moving and projecting the Qi.
  • To lift the Shen to new levels through Spiritual Qigong.

Within Healing Qigong: –

  • To bring harmony to the WHOLE – to Body/Mind/Spirit.
  • To access – through awareness – each of the energetic levels.
  • To heal at all levels.

Taiji touchstones

Exercising your internal power is akin to refining iron into the purest steel. Then nothing can not be destroyed.