Shibashi Plus 2021.03.24

Shibashi Plus 2021.03.24


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  • Interpreting the changes in the Qi.
  • Scanning your Qi prior to doing Qigong.
  • Circle the Arms to Part the Clouds: Primary Fire.
  • Re-scanning and noting the changes.
  • Wave Hands Like Clouds: Listening to the changes and the difference in qualities.
  • Why the physical movement speed occasionally changes.
  • The Flying Dove: Using Lung and Large Intestine. Awareness of LI in the face.
  • The Commencement: Guiding the Qi up the length of Kidney meridian and then down Bladder meridian.
  • Folding at the Hip Kua – Painting Rainbows: Gall Bladder and Liver, awareness of both. Then Holding a Ball in Front of the Shoulders: Heart Governor and Triple Warmer.


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