San Bao Syllabus

San Bao School Syllabus

The San Bao syllabus includes a number of different Taiji forms, Qigong, martial applications and self defence.


San Bao syllabus - Taiji FormForms

  • Yang Short Form.
  • Yang Long Form.
  • 16 Posture Taiji.
  • 24 Posture Taiji.
  • 48 Posture Taiji.
  • Taiji Bagua Circle.
  • Broadsword form.
  • Double-edged sword form.


San Bao syllabus - Push Hands

Push Hands

  • Horizontal milling (single and double).
  • Wu Style.
  • Da Lu 1.
  • Da Lu 2.
  • Da Lu 3.



  • Dao Yin.
  • The Taiji Shibashi.
  • The Embroidered Brocade.
  • The Eight Exceptional Vessels.
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth.
  • The Five Yin Exercises.
  • Heaven & Earth.
  • The Five Elements Dance.


San Bao syllabus - self defenceSelf Defence and Neijia

  • Martial applications from Taiji.
  • Taiji Chin-Na.
  • Meridian & acupuncture point location.
  • Point striking (Dim Mak).
  • Defence against weapons attacks






Taiji touchstones

If essence and spirit can be raised, then there is no need for concern with being slow and awkward; this is called extending and suspending the crown point. (Master Wu Yu-hsiang)