San Bao Qigong Instructors International

When looking for a Qigong instructor you should always check that they are actually teaching Qigong and actually working with Qi. It is a sad fact that Qigong has been watered down to the point that the vast majority of what is now being taught is purely physical. At San Bao School we work with Qi. We teach Qigong in its truest sense.

What to look for from a prospective teacher

  • Ask about their experience.
  • Ask about the Qigong that they are teaching.
  • Ask about their practice, about what Qigong they do for their own development.
  • Ask about what Meridians, Elements, and points are being worked with.
  • Ask about listening to the Qi.
  • Look for honesty in your teacher and steer clear of flannel.

Our Instructors

Francesco Benvenuti
Teaching: Shibashi Qigong
Location: Costa Rica
Phone: +447900117836