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Online Shibashi Qigong for experienced practitioners

Our online Shibashi Qigong classes (Zoom) include five days of on-demand viewing where you can use the recording of each class to further your practice.
You can join this class at any point in the block on a pro rata basis. Beginners are also welcome but I recommend that you do our Basic Shibashi course (Udemy) and learn the stances and the basic movements first.

Feedback from the class

  • Great session tonight just wanted to let you know when doing pushing the diagonals in wuji focussing on Heart Governor, the practice just took over on its own like autopilot! Could have carried on, it seemed, for ages. Sensation was terrific the arms felt very very heavy and it was as if I was pushing through a heavy silk curtain. I could definitely feel the sensation in each arm by projection from the other hand, as you say. Each heart governor point was a colour of yellow/orange swirling cw in rhs and ccw in the left, or so it seemed to me. And I could sense the sinking of the Qi in the legs, too.
    Thanks so much Des.
    Kind regards, RH

Intermediate and Advanced class

  • This class is not suitable for beginners.
  • Next block: 10 session block commencing Wednesday 21st April till Wednesday 30th June 2021 (There will not be a class on 26th May).
  • You can join the current block at any time on a pro rata basis (paying for the remaining classes in the block). Please contact us if you wish to do this.

I was asked to set up an online Shibashi Qigong course. Asked…………. more like pressurised! The lock down from the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted me to take action and the class is a roaring success! Are you interested in joining us? Would any of your friends like to take part? Pass the word, share the link, just let people know about it.

Online Shibashi Qigong
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In this class we do not go through the entire set each lesson. We explore and compare individual exercises, or work with a particular Element, or change the Element that an exercise uses (eg. Pushing to the Diagonals can be performed as a Metal Qigong or as a Secondary Fire Qigong), and a whole lot more. What you will be taught is the 18 Posture Taiji Qigong (the Shibashi) as true Qigong. You will be taught the proper focus and Listening that makes these exercises Qigong, without that focus they are no more than physical movements.

The basic movements are relatively easy to learn in an aerobic manner. But to get the most out of the Shibashi other things are needed………patience, practice and experience. With the help of an experienced teacher (with knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridian system) they can be taught over a 10 week course. This should include the listening skills that will allow you to experience the Qi flowing, turning aerobics into true Qigong.

Once this basic level has been reached, it is through constant, focused, practice that the real work begins. In these classes we look the ways that these exercises can be enhanced and altered Internally with changes in focus and, in some cases, a subtle change in the physical movement.

The classes will be taught on the Zoom conferencing platform. Please note that the video recording from Zoom is lower quality than the live stream.

Check out the reviews from the online courses that we have on Udemy. They will give you an insight into the calibre of tuition.

Next 10-session block

Next block starts on Wednesday 21/04/2021 and runs till 30/06/2021
Times – 19:00 till 20:00 London
Recordings – On-demand viewing for the five days following each class.
Cost – £70.00 You can join the block at any time on a pro rata basis (paying for the remaining classes in the block). Please contact us if you wish to do this.

Once payment has been received we will send you out a registration link for the class. On completion of registration, you will receive an email, from Zoom, containing the class URL, Meeting ID and the password for the block booked.

Shibashi Qigong online classes

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Taiji touchstones

If mind and internal energy can be freely exchanged, then there is much satisfaction in performing smoothly and dynamically; this is called exchanging negative and positive. (Master Wu Yu-hsiang).

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