The Five Taoist Yin Course

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The Five Taoist Yin Course

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About Course

The Five Taoist Yin Course- Qigong that brings balance to the entire meridian system

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Recent reviews from the Five Taoist Yin course:-

  • “Calm and easy to follow. Nothing feels rushed and he makes it easy to understand.” N.O.
  • “clear instructions, merdian points shown. info followed by practice and options.” A.J.K.
  • “Very impressive! Professional, encouraging and enjoyable as a doorway to Qigong for a regular daily practice. I do appreciate the high quality of this Qigong course and the friendly, clear presence of Des. It was perfect for me to learn online at home without too much doubting whether I will do wrong movements. Every detail of the moves is explained thoroughly so I was able to follow it easily. Thank you!”
  • “Professional course with fair bit of detail – by FAR the best information I have been able to find on the Daoist Yin Qigong moves. I’m reasonably experienced in taiji and qigong, and found this helpful, including the repetition of the basics (you really can’t get enough of that). “
  • “Clear and well explained.”
  • “The best, most detailed, course in everything-important tai chi. The teacher is sincere in striving to relate all the nuances. LOVE this course and very much appreciate!”
  • “Enhance health and expand consciousness. The instructor is easy to understand and he presents clear explanations for the movements and their benefits.”
  • “I really like the emphasis on the subtlety of movement. This is something I’ve felt lacking in other Qiqong courses I’ve done. I also appreciate all that Des has said prior to doing any of the movements and how important it is to get the stance right.”
  • “I really love this course, I just started to learn those exercises a few weeks ago, and I am enjoying practicing this qigong in the morning before work. The instructions for each exercises are clear, and the teacher, Mr Lawton is very good at demonstrating and explaining the movements. It is a beautiful set of qigong, I especially like that there are not to many movements to learn for a beginner, and that I can focus on just a few movements done well with feelings. Thank you Mr Lawton.
  • “A great wealth of detail presented in a very clear way. Following the instructor as he carries out the exercise gives me a chance to experience the ‘Chi’ flow. Setting and quality of the recording (picture and sound) is excellent.”


Welcome to the Five Taoist Yin course. I’m Des Lawton and I have over 30 of years experience in teaching Qigong. As well as teaching live classes I also teach Qigong online. See our website (Pro-holistic) for details.

The first thing I want to say is that I am passionate about Qigong because I know, through personal experience and practice, just how wonderful, powerful and beneficial Qigong is. However, I am NOT talking about the physical exercises that are currently being passed off as Qigong. I am talking about true Qigong. I am talking about working with Qi, with our life energy.

Qi is tangible. It does not need to be visualized. Within Dao Yin, Neidan, Neigong and Qigong (when the literal translation is used and adhered to): –
Five Taoist Yin Course

  • You lead and guide the Qi.
  • You experience the Qi, tangibly.
  • You use this, tangible, feedback to increase your skill.
  • You use the, physical, movements as a means and not an end.

In the Five Taoist Yin course: –

· you will learn how to work with all the Yin meridians

· you will learn how to get the most benefit from these exercises

· you will learn variants for three of the exercises

The Five Taoist Yin course contains: –

· Fire: Heart and Heart Governor – This exercise is done in three different ways, to do three different tasks, and you will learn all three.

· Earth: Spleen – You will learn two variants of this exercise, each working with the meridian but having slightly different uses.

· Metal: Lung – You will learn two variants of this exercise.

· Water: Kidney.

· Wood: Liver – Again, you will be taught two variants, each with slightly different qualities.

There are also downloadable files that contain information pertinent to the course.

Five Taoist Yin – Questions and Answers

Des is often asked questions about the Exceptional Vessels and has started to collate the most common ones. Q&A


Qigong Benefits

There are many benefits to be gained from practicing Qigong and that is why some of these exercises have been incorporated into the Therapeutic Qigong courses that we provide. Among these is Qigong for Stress and Anxiety

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What Will You Learn?

  • Proper stance and posture.
  • Where the focus is (points and meridians) for each exercise.
  • How to get the most out of the Five Taoist Yin Qigong.
  • Also learning variant exercises for three of the Elements.

Course Content

Qigong Information
Students will have a deeper understanding about Qigong, its benefits and its terminology after completing this section.



The Five Taoist Yin Qigong
Students will learn the postures, focus, and breathing for the Five Taoist Yin Qigong along with three variants.

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6 months ago
I was taught these QiGong years ago (as the Five Yin Qigong) but, in all honesty, what I was shown barely skimmed the surface. The movements were similar but not as precise. What is more important is that the Qi had been dealt with in a vague, airy faerie, manner. Not so here. This is the real deal and the Qi is most definitely flowing!
6 months ago
I loved every minute of this course. Up until now I was struggling to understand what Chi is and how Chi Kung works................. I was flapping my arms about because that is all I had been shown. This course has taught me just how potent Chi Kung is.............. and how important it is to have the correct focus and posture.
6 months ago
I loved every bit of it! A fantastic set of Qi Gong taught at real depth!