The Eight Exceptional Vessels

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The Eight Exceptional Vessels

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About Course

The Eight Exceptional Vessels (AKA the Eight Extraordinary Meridians)

Welcome to the Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong course. I’m Des Lawton and I have over 30 of years experience in teaching Qigong at San Bao Martial School.

I am more than slightly passionate about Qigong because I know, through personal experience and practice, just how wonderful, powerful and beneficial Qigong is. I do not mean the physical exercises that are currently being passed off as Qigong. I am talking about the real thing. Qigong is the art of working with your Qi, with our life energy.

Qi is tangible. It does not need to be visualized. Within Dao Yin, Neidan, Neigong and Qigong (when the literal translation is used and adhered to): –

· You lead and guide the Qi.

· You experience the Qi, tangibly.

· You use this, tangible, feedback to increase your skill.

· You use the, physical, movements as a means and not an end.

At the end of this course you will have taken your first steps in deepening your understanding and your awareness of the Qi in the Exceptional Vessels. You will be able to practice all of the exercises and, through continued practice, deepen that awareness.

The course is structured in order to make sure that you have all the information you need, when you need it. It covers the basics, the proper stances and abdominal breathing before moving on to the three exercises with two lessons covering each. The second lesson covers the focus points for guiding the Qi. Then it covers Listening Jing, that is the passive awareness of the Qi.

Please keep to that structure. Going directly to the exercises will only cause misunderstanding and your progress will be hampered, even stopped before it gets started.

The Qi in the Exceptional Vessels has a marked difference in quality to that found in the 12 meridians. So, if you have only been practicing meridian Qigong do not expect the same experiences, the same feelings, with these exercises.

The Exceptional Vessels govern three physiological functions: –

Chong Mai - one of the Eight Exceptional Vessels

· They are likened to reservoirs of Qi. Continuing with this analogy, the meridians can be likened to rivers.

· They store energy for the body by regulating the flow of Qi into the meridians, providing homeostasis.

· They drain excessive energy from the meridians, again with the function of bringing about homeostasis.

The, free preview, Introduction lesson explains the course in depth. The benefits of true Qigong are too good to miss. Enjoy your Qigong journey!

There are also downloadable files that contain information pertinent to the course.


Recent Reviews:-

  • “I am so glad I chose this course. It is set at a pace I can work with and each movement clearly explained. The illustrations are helpful and the two views make errors less likely. I also appreciate being able to practise along with the instructor in the sections where the movements are repeated. Des Lawton is an impeccable instructor.”
  • “I have been doing qigong and taichi for years, and I find the course simple and at the same time meticulous. Structured in a simple way to learn and at the time for thanks to the different sections.”
  • “Very informative and deeper than anything I have yet come across. This is what I have been looking for: a more in depth approach. I thank you!”
  • “Great class this my third video with Des,I always learn something.”
  • “A great Teacher of Qigong, it was a privilege to take this course! I could feel the Qi moving while performing each exercise. Quick response to questions asked, much appreciated! I look forward to taking more courses in the future. Humble thanks!”
  • “Really enjoyed course. Have been meditating on the eight exceptional vessels for awhile and now having the movements to work with as well is ‘exceptional’ . Thank You.”
  • “Loved the flow of these exercises and the feeling of peace as I carried them out. Found the focus points after the exercises particularly helpful. Thank you for another great course!”
  • “The course is easy to follow, and the instructions are clear and detailed. I also like the instructor’s style of teaching.”
  • “Excellent instructor! Beautiful material!”
  • “This was a fantastic course that went into great detail in the subject. I would highly recommend this course for those that want to work specifically on the Eight Exceptional Vessels. Very good course!”
  • “Excellent explanation of the subtleties of wu ji. I felt an immediate shift while practicing under the guidance in this video. Alot of these subtleties are overlooked, but here they are explained with great clarity. Thank you for creating this course!”
  • “Clear instruction and demonstrations. Feel the chi when do the movements. Each movement has multiple parts. Plenty of follow along repetitions and tips to get the patterns. Thanks.”

The Eight Exceptional Vessels – Questions and Answers

Des is often asked questions about the Exceptional Vessels and has started to collate the most common ones. Q&A

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn proper stance/posture.
  • Create a quiet body/mind by using Wuji stance.
  • How, through Listening Jing, you can discern the different quality of the Qi in the Exceptional Vessels.
  • Three Qigong exercises that work specifically with the Exceptional Vessels.

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The Eight Exceptional Vessels Qigong

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6 months ago
This is not a course for beginners. I am only part way through this course but I can already say that there is more information here than in any other Qigong that I have ever been taught. Highly recommended!
6 months ago
I am loving these Qigong and am eager to base my daily practice around them for the next few months at least.
6 months ago
This is an incredible course that has really opened my eyes and my chi. It might only be two and a half hours long but it covers everything. I am actually begining to feel the chi moving........... More practice to be done...............