Taiji Shibashi class 2022.06.07

Taiji Shibashi class 2022.06.07

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Using the Controlling Cycle to balance the Five Elements with Shibashi Qigong.

  • Primary Fire: Circle the Arms to Part the Clouds.
  • Secondary Fire: Turn to Gaze at the Moon.
  • Metal: Broadening the Chest.
  • Wood: Painting Rainbows.
  • Earth: Waving Hands Like Clouds.
  • Water: Scooping From the Sea to View the Sky.

There are a number of combinations that can be used within the Taiji Shibashi Qigong when working with the Five Elements (in this case we are using the Control Cycle). Here, Des has chosen six examples and has started with Fire (Primary Fire and Secondary Fire).

Practicing a Five Elements regime brings the meridian system into balance and then maintains that balance. This can be done through either the Controlling Cycle or the Nurturing Cycle.

With the Controlling Cycle, once the imbalance is ascertained a combination of two, or three, Qigong is used to address that imballance. Then the balance can be maintained by using the Nurturing Cycle, or the Controllong Cycle.

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Taiji Shibashi class 2022.06.07

  • Taiji Shibashi class 2022.06.07

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