Orbits class – 2021.12.09

Orbits class – 2021.12.09

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About Course

  • Circulating the Qi in the Arm Yin meridians.
  • Circulating the Qi in the Arm Yang meridians.
  • Listening to the effect of both of these.
  • Macrocosmic Orbit (the Sun and the Moon).
  • Microcosmic Orbit.
  • Both Orbits.
  • Awareness of the Dantien.
  • Awareness of Mingmen.

Feedback from this class

Hi Des

Just a wee quick one to send over my thought on Thursday online class.

I was a wee bit slow to get things moving as I’ve not done it for a couple of weeks but towards the end of the class, things got interesting.

When we were concentrating on our front and our back –

  1. At my heart Chakra , I almost felt like there was a jet engine shaped hole. I was breathing in though my nose/mouth but I could also feel huge rush of air coming in through the ‘jet engine’ at the front.
  2. At the base of my back, I felt like I was breathing in through the base of my spine. I could never even have imagined how that would feel!! To breathe in through my back, that’s a first.
  3. After that I could feel really chilly air running down the front inside of my legs. It was a menthol minty cold almost as though I had toothpaste or Vicks on my legs. It was very very marked.


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Orbits class – 2021.12.09

  • Orbits class – 2021.12.09

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