Orbits class – 2021.10.28

Orbits class – 2021.10.28

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About Course

These recordings, from the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbits classes are now available to all our students as an added asset to the Orbits course. These classes allow for more time to delve deeper into these Qigong than a fixed, on-demand, course. However, without previous experience, or without doing that course these lessons may be hard to follow.

As these classes followed on from the Shen Qigong classes there are some exercises from the Four Shen Qigong and from the Ten Shen Treasures in some of the lessons.

In this class: –

  • Four Shen Ex 3: Stimulate awareness of the Macrocosmic Orbit.
  •  Microcosmic Orbit.
  • Combining the two Orbits.
  • Using Mudras.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Palms to Infinity – awareness of shape change.
  • Ten Shen Treasures: Fingers to Infinity – ribbons
  • Using Yin and Yang hand postures while aware of the changes in the energy body.
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Orbits class – 2021.10.28

  • Orbits class – 2021.10.28

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