Adult Self Defence courses

Bespoke Adult Self Defence courses

Our Adult Self Defence courses are tailored to suit your organisations requirements. They are not martial arts lessons where it can take many years to become proficient in that art. The adult Self Defence courses teach no-nonsense techniques that are designed to be used in real situations, not in a dojo or competition. Tuition is from experienced self defence instructors who have constructed a course of lessons that enable the client to gain confidence and ability in a shorter time frame and have an awareness of increased personal safety.

Self defence - do you know how to defend yourself?

Our basic instinct, when faced with a threat, is either to lash out or to run away (fight, or fight response). There is a third option that is gained through ability and confidence that allows the potential victim to either walk away, or defend themselves, without feeling terrified. Self defence tuition can help you gain confidence.

The Adult Self Defence courses are designed to make you aware of the options that you have, that are within your control, regarding: –

  • Awareness and posture. This encompasses the awareness of the “risk triangle” and the “vulnerability triangle”.
  • Evasion, control and take-down of an attacker.
  • Releases from wrist, arm, shoulder, choke holds etc.
  • How to disable your attacker long enough for you to escape to safety.
  • How to effectively use your body as a weapon (palm strikes, elbow strikes, kneeing, kicking, etc).

We specialise in self-defence tuition and only teach proven methods that work in real situations (rather than a lot of the martial arts methods that have become more competition and sport orientated).

The self defence techniques we teach are all easy to learn and cover:

  • Awareness
  • Protection
  • Self-defence


  • Prevention andAvoidance
  • Awareness and Self Confidence
  • Fear andits Effects – adrenaline & how to make use of it
  • Strike Effectively
  • Self-defence and the Law
  • Awareness and posture
  • Psychological defence
  • Wrist hold escapes
  • Clothing hold escapes
  • Arm hold escapes
  • Choke hold escapes
  • Hair hold escapes
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Finger locks
  • Wrist locks
  • Arm locks Shoulder locks
  • Choke holds
  • Take down methods
  • Body weapons – effective strikes
  • Utilising weapons to hand
  • Defence against blunt weapons
  • Defence against knives

Don’t become a victim…………… Learn how to defend yourself against violence and abuse. Violent attack can occur anywhere, even in your own home and, as the recent Scottish Government statistics show, incidence of violence is on the increase.

Organising and Booking

If you wish to organise one of our Adult Self Defence Courses for your group, or for further information, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

These courses are organised by Pro Holistic and all participants must agree to the Terms and Conditions for this course.

Guidelines for this course.

Taiji touchstones

From the 16 Steps of Transferring Power: Let the power penetrate to the crown-point at the top of the head.